Peter Friedl

27 January - 4 March 2018
Group exhibition

Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin, Germany

Artist Page: 

The exhibition entitled “Right” gathers artistic positions that examine the current global problem of right-wing populism from different critical perspectives. Significant here are the varying degrees of complexity that formulate these artistic discussions – the spectrum ranges from painting and sculpture to collage and conceptual art. A simple sentence, a colorful picture story or simple monochrome color surface, for example, stand for the possibility of structuring critical art in an almost bold manner. The strategies of historical research, semantically charged model making and complex collage, on the other hand, bring into play the options of seemingly elaborate formulations. The juxtaposition of the initially opposing aesthetics of, if you like, simple and complex not only shows that several ways towards an intelligent critique of right-wing populims “lead” to Rome, but above all asks in how far art can make successful contributions to intelligent left-wing populism, a populism that could be an adequate response to rampant right-wing populism.
Text: Raimar Stange